The Inaugural Leading Insights Conference Series

2016 event summary:

On 18 and 19 April, 2016 the CompleteStream team, with the assistance of 32 speakers and 200 attendants from 65 companies, realised its vision of producing the Inaugural Leading Insights Conference Series (formally known as the KeyInsights Conference) – Australia’s premier BI, Cloud, and HANA conference with SAP. Educationally focused, the conference boasted world expert speakers in SAP HANA, BI and Cloud and a double digit amount of representatives of actual local implementations, a true smorgasbord of exciting topics and revealing presentations. With the best possible agenda at the best possible venue (Grand Hyatt Melbourne) the stage was set for an amazing two-day event. A year in the making, the result turned out to be a truly exceptional forum for knowledge sharing, well beyond the wildest dreams at the time of inception.


‘It was hard to decide which session to attend and which one to skip’

‘What a great mix of experts and industry use cases’                                                                         

‘Great to see the expert views on SAP HANA and BI’

‘A great cross section of speakers and topics’

‘Subject matter covered so that you had the option of high level or deep dive’

‘Knowledge focus rather than sales focused’

‘Unbiased opinions on SAP and a glimpse of what is to come’


After a truly inspiring and intriguing opening video, Victoria University’s  Associate Professor in Information Systems and SAP Mentor, Dr Paul Hawking, prepared the crowd of 200 attendants for what was to come, and it didn’t disappoint. Dr Berg amazed and delighted the crowd with his opening keynote, visionary in concept, challenging in its execution (real-time demo to the Comerit labs in the US) and delightful in its theatre.


‘Dr Berg just blew me away’

‘I didn’t really know what to expect, the result was incredible’

‘What are we going to do with a ‘BrontoByte?’


Once Dr Berg had amazed the crowd, Fredrik Ohlsson shared the Tetrapak journey in Business Intelligence, a thought provoking epic of how real business decisions made for all the right reasons set of a cycle of issues and resolutions requiring constant management in a global setting. This really got the crowd going with questions and could have gone on much longer had it not been for Paul Hawking’s excellent management of the agenda timing.


That is the best presentation I have ever seen’

‘What a fantastic exhibition of real life BI strategy management’


It didn’t stop there. Over two exciting days everyone was treated to a mass of quality demonstrations, strategy engagements, panel discussions and one on one expert interrogations with the global panel. The team never dreamt to get so much positive feedback on the production of such an event.  It was an incredible experience for the people attending as well as the producers , speakers and sponsors alike. We were unequivocally requested to do this all over again, and so we shall. We are already planning the next phase in the Conference series for early 2017.  The event turned out beyond our wildest expectations, and this being our first ever SAP event, using your feedback we think we know how to make it even better.  So get ready for next year’s event, which plans to be even bigger and better than the previous KeyInsights conference. We sincerely hope that you will be on that journey with us!


‘The most outstanding informative sessions I ever attended aided with latest trends in the market’

Everything was right up to the mark’

‘It was hard to decide which session to attend and which one to skip’

‘Great to see the expert views on SAP HANA and BI’

‘Great mix of experts and industry use cases’

‘The 5 Key Insights at the end of every session are a great idea’


We would like to extend our appreciation and thank all sponsors, speakers, delegates, and support staff for their contribution to such a fantastic event and we really look forward to seeing you again next year.

Kind regards
The CompleteStream team