Who are CompleteStream?

CompleteStream is formed by IT experts for IT experts. Our team has a proven track record in SAP specific project delivery, application support and knowledge sharing. It has the real life experience to understand what is moving the market. CompleteStream delivers a quality informative product destined to satisfy the needs for the required exposure to product solutions and interaction with the people who implemented them, both in an Australian and global context.

What is the Leading Insights Conference Series about?

This is the best opportunity for the Australian market to be exposed to CompleteStream’s knowledge enriching product. The CompleteStream Leading Insights Conference Series plays host to some of the world’s most pre-eminent speakers in their area of expertise delegates will broaden their knowledge in the areas of SAP BI, SAP HANA and Cloud solutions. Attendees experience interaction with world class speakers they have not had the opportunity and have not been exposed to before, while exposure is provided to so many differing actual local implementations over the three tracks, the attendants will obtain real benefit from how peers implemented and overcame their challenges. Every SAP customer will be able to obtain massive benefits by both knowledge sharing and personal interaction.

Leading Insights have been sourced from key SAP customers throughout the country to ensure the topics are on-key for real life requirements, not sales pitches. Both audience and sponsors are guaranteed to walk away with value for money.

Leading Insights for SAP BI

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Where SAP BW has always been the cornerstone of the SAP BI suite of tools, the world is changing. While SAP HANA has changed the world for Big Data Analytics, there is place for SAP BW on HANA. How has the evolution of BusinessObjects (BO 4.0, Feature Pack 3) changed the way in which data is being modelled and delivered to the end user? Where is the use of HANA-ready BusinessObjects for predictive analytics appropriate? When and how should it be implemented and how can the key challenges be overcome? How can you relate to the integration of SAP BI and Streamworks? Where do the many front ends/user interfaces find their greatest efficiency?  Is self-service the key to information sharing or death through data plurification?

Leading Insights for SAP HANA

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SAP HANA has changed the world for Big Data Analytics. But it takes many forms, from scale up and scale out hardware configurations, to Suite on HANA, HANA Live and advanced applications for SAP HANA. This is a complex world where your choice of solution may have massive impacts in support costs and future opportunity.

How can there be different hardware offerings for a single application and which one is best for your circumstances? How do you evaluate which HANA investment is suitable for your organisation? How can a customer build a successful business case for such an investment when performance may not be a consideration? What are the challenges related to HANA memory management, sizing and administration and how can they be overcome? What makes a SAP HANA implementation different from the usual SAP implementation? How can you obtain the details related to data modelling, data provisioning, and the SAP HANA client tools appropriate for your solution?

The requirement for real time processing of massive amounts of operational and transactional data have driven SAP to providing the in-memory application, and many customers have adopted that solution. Is it the standard and does it have the required functionality for your SAP HANA solution? What’s in store for SAP HANA next, where could it go from here?

Your choice of solution is part of the bigger picture: your business strategy. So it flies? Don’t let it fly away with your business, stay in control every step of the way by becoming the expert in your choice of solution.

Our audience is exposed to real life implementations and interactions with customers having lived through the journey eager to share their experiences.

As Dr. Berg says: ‘HANA is shifting SAP into high gear—don’t get left in the dust’.

Leading Insights for Cloud

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SAP Cloud is a sticky discussion point. Sure there is money to be saved by entering cloud solutions, but what are the implications? Which solution is appropriate for your implementation and how has it been done elsewhere? What challenges need to be faced? Where else can priceless knowledge like this be gained…

Cloud computing is in a second phase and the offerings are complex and moving all the time. If it is at all possible, what are the considerations for your feasibility analysis? Once you are ready to implement offerings and implementation opportunities will have changed, what will that new Cloud landscape look like? How will that landscape affect your architecture roadmap?

SAP states: ‘Take advantage of the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio available – With SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA, you can streamline your operations, maximize your resources, and unlock unprecedented levels of agility, insight, and performance. Manage your people, money, customers, suppliers – even your entire business – in the cloud with the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio on the market. 35 million business users already use the SAP Cloud, seamlessly integrating with their on-premise solutions and maximizing business agility. Why don’t you join them?

The questions of why, how and when Cloud computing is appropriate for you as a business need to be clearly defined before you can enter the world of the Cloud phenomenon confident that this will indeed optimise your investment in years to come.